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Universitat Jaume I de Castellon (UJI)

Department of Engineering and Computer Science,
Robotic Intelligence Laboratory

The Robotic Intelligence Laboratory at University Jaume I (UJI) was established in 1991. Its staff includes three professors and three assistant professors. Its mission is to conduct research in the cognitive aspects of robotics, or robotic intelligence, understood as embodied intelligence in robotic systems that behave in the real world. From the start the focus has been in cognitive manipulation by means of sensorimotor coordination of robotic arms, hands and perceptual systems, though in the last years collective intelligence is also an interest, such as in the recent FP6 GUARDIANS Cognitive Systems Project in which we participate with a team of 8 mobile robots in our lab. Some of our perceptual manipulation systems have had a significant impact such as the UJI Librarian Robot (featured in the BBC online and IEEE ICRA'05 video proc.), the UJI On-line Robot, or the UJI Service Robot (selected in the IEEE IROS'06 video proc.). The lab is a founding contractual member of EURON, the European Robotics Network of Excellence. The Doctoral Program, and Master in Intelligent Systems: Service Robotics, was recently awarded the mencion de calidad, the top quality rating in the national research assessment.

Contact: Prof. Angel P. del Pobil


Phone:+34 964 728293/94
Fax:+34 964 728486

Campus Riu Sec, Edificio TI
Castellon, E-12071,

Contribution to EYESHOTS:Theoretical and technological expertise for visually-based sensorimotor coordination of the robotic arm. Development of models for visuo-motor representations of the 3D space.

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