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Westfälische Wilhems-University Münster (WWU)

Department of General and Applied Psychology,

The Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster is the third largest university in Germany, having some 40.000 students and some 5000 academics. Markus Lappe is the Director of the Institute for General and Applied Psychology and head of the work group on vision. The Department of Psychology consists of 14 professors plus staff scientists and associated postdocs and students and a permanent staff of technicians. Within the work group, there are one staff scientist, three postdocs, six PhD students, and one technician; the group consists of physicists, psychologists, neurobiologists and engineers.
Research Unit 1 The lab of Markus Lappe has been active on computational and physiological aspects of vision for many years. Research included computational modelling and psychophysical and electrophysiological experiments on optic flow processing, eye movements and spatial vision. A Virtual Reality lab has been built, equipped with a head-mounted display and optical position tracking system, as well as with a fast high-resolution cathode-ray projector displaying on a large-scale screen (3x2.4m), where subjects can be stimulated with shot or simulated scenes while their eye-movements are recorded.
Research Unit 2 Dr. Fred Hamker leads a junior research group puersuing a theoretical and model-driven approach to experimental psychology/neuroscience in visual perception and its cognitive control. The research goals are (i) to link-up different experimental observations in a single model to work out common, essential mechanisms, (ii) to test experimental predictions of the model either in our group or through collaborations, and (iii) to test the validity of the models by observing their performance on real world tasks, such as object/category recognition.

Research Unit 1

Contact: Prof. Markus Lappe


Phone: +49 251 8334141
Fax:+49 251 8334173

Fliednerstrasse 21
48149 Münster,

Research Unit 2

Contact: Dr. Fred Hamker


Phone: +49 251 8334171
Fax:+49 251 8334180

Fliednerstrasse 21
48149 Münster,

Contribution to EYESHOTS:Computational modelling and psychophysical experiments on saccade adaptation and shared attention. Models of attention, object recognition, learning, and the control of visual perception.

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